Waggoner Diagnostics Names Bernell Corporation Preferred Distributor

Waggoner Diagnostics, an organization that develops, manufactures, and distributes medical devices for the ophthalmic industry, specifically, color vision testing equipment, announced today that it has named Bernell Corporation as its “Preferred Distributor” for its color vision tests in the ophthalmic market.

 “Waggoner Diagnostics is beyond excited to join forces with Bernell, an organization who prides itself in doing the right thing, improving patient care, and being a successful distributor of ophthalmic equipment for over 65 years,” said T.J. Waggoner, CEO of Waggoner Diagnostics.

“We know that Bernell will not just promote, but educate, its doctors on Waggoner Diagnostics’ products and how each product brings value to the doctor’s practice and patients.”

 Bernell provides over 2,000 ophthalmic products for primary care, vision training, enhancement, and rehabilitation and is eager to increase their general optometry offerings by offering the Waggoner Diagnostics’ line of products. Bernell will continue to build awareness for Waggoner Diagnostics line of color vision tests while educating its current and future clients on the importance of color vision testing.

 “Waggoner Diagnostics has been developing and manufacturing well-validated color vision tests for the past 25+ years. It is an honor to receive the designation of Preferred Distributor from Waggoner Diagnostics,” said Chris Andrews, President of Bernell. “We are grateful for their trust and commitment to our company and are eager to get to work at growing the awareness of their products across the ophthalmic industry, so that they may serve a greater number of patients and practitioners.”  

Bernell is distributing the full range of Waggoner Diagnostics’ products ranging from the world-famous Color Vision Testing Made Easy, a quick pediatric screening, to its extended, full diagnostic color vision test, the Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test (CCVT). The Waggoner CCVT was validated by the U.S. Navy and is now accepted by the U.S. Navy, Army, Coast Guard, and Marines.

For more information regarding the line of Waggoner Diagnostics products, please visit www.Bernell.com or call (574) 259-2070.  



About Waggoner Diagnostics:

Headquartered in Rogers, AR, Waggoner Diagnostics develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative ophthalmic medical devices. Waggoner Diagnostics’ suite of color vision tests is the only cross-platform suite of color vision products available on the market today. We are able to satisfy anyone interested in performing color vision tests, both screening and diagnostic, by providing traditional booklets (PIP), computerized color vision tests (App), and Internet-based testing (Web). There is a product that aligns with each potential customer’s needs perfectly by providing high-quality medical devices at an affordable price. Waggoner Diagnostics also owns and operates www.ColorVisionTesting.com, a site for information regarding color vision, www.TestingColorVision.com, a site that allows people to test their color vision online.