Waggoner Diagnostics Offers Adaptive Color Screening Tool at Permanent Discount for Special Olympics

Waggoner Diagnostics

​​WaggonerDiagnostics is offering an adaptive color vision screening tool to Special Olympics Programs worldwide at a deep discount, and the price will never increase. Special Olympics Lions Clubs International Opening Eyes events around the world will be able to improve vision screenings at Healthy Athletes® events with the Color Vision Testing Made Easy® (CVTME) to identify genetic red/green color vision deficiencies.

“We could not be more honored and flattered to deliver a valid pediatric color vision test to screen Special Olympic athletes. Manufacturing and distributing medical devices is not an easy task but its relationships like these that make it all worth it. We truly feel we’re able to make a positive difference in the lives of many and we’re grateful for the opportunity.” said T.J. Waggoner, CEO of Waggoner Diagnostics.

CVTME was originally developed 25 years ago by optometrist, Dr. Terrace Waggoner, for color vision screening in children, and is adaptive for people with intellectual disabilities. The tool uses pictures made of colored dots displaying circles, stars, and squares instead of numbers. It can be completed in less than 60 seconds and has been validated by several academic institutions to have excellent sensitivity and specificity.

Dr. Sandra Block, Medical Director at Illinois College of Optometry and Global Clinical Advisor for Special Olympics Opening Eyes says, “We’re excited to use Color Vision Testing Made Easy to screen Special Olympics athletes. I’ve used CVTME to screen thousands of patients over the years with this simple color vision test. I consider it an essential tool for any optometrist screening toolkit.”

Special Olympics Healthy Athletes® provides free health screenings and health education in a fun, welcoming environment with a focus on removing the anxiety people with intellectual disabilities often experience when faced with visits to medical professionals. Health care professionals and students serve as clinical volunteers at Healthy Athletes, where they gain hands-on experience, learn best practices in caring for people with ID, and are exposed to adaptive tools they can use in their own medical practices—like CVTME.

Comprehensive eye exams include color vision testing, although the American Academy of Ophthalmology does not have formal recommendations for the screening. According to global Special Olympics Healthy Athletes data, nearly 23 percent of Special Olympics athletes have never had an eye exam. The prevalence of poor color vision among people with intellectual disabilities is not known.

About Waggoner Diagnostics

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