Waggoner Diagnostics Releases Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test on iPad

Waggoner Diagnostics Releases Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test on iPad

Military-Grade, Extended Color Vision Test for Optometrists and Ophthalmologists now available from iTunes and Apple's App Store.

Waggoner CCVT Splash Screen

Waggoner Diagnostics, an organization that develops, manufactures, and distributes medical devices for the ophthalmic industry, announced today that it has released the Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test (CCVT) app for iPad. The Waggoner CCVT is available for purchase from iTunes for an introductory price of $799. In the future, it will retail for $999.

Waggoner CCVT is the world’s only US military-validated extended color vision diagnostic application for iPad. Formerly marketed under ColorDx, the Waggoner CCVT has been validated by, and is routinely used at the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute in Pensacola, FL (NAMI) to evaluate Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine, and Army applicants and aviators.

The Waggoner CCVT is a cutting-edge medical device that helps doctors (ex: optometrists, ophthalmologists) identify both genetic (protan, deutan) and acquired (tritan) deficiencies. These diagnostic results allow doctors in clinical settings to assess neurological and ocular disorders in a manner that was not commonly utilized due to lack of efficient and effective tools used for diagnosing color vision deficiencies. The Waggoner CCVT is exceptional for measuring progression of diseases such as glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, macular degeneration and following ocular toxicities from medications such as Plaquenil.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to release a military-grade color vision diagnostic to the public that allows doctors to improve upon the care they provide their patients,” said T.J. Waggoner, CEO of Waggoner Diagnostics. “Waggoner Diagnostics has truly been able to develop a device that not only improves patient care in my practice but has a good ROI. It’s obvious that Waggoner Diagnostics is in the ophthalmic medical device industry for the right reasons. We are proud to be working with the Waggoner CCVT,” said Dr. Adam Ramsey of Iconic Eye Care

Waggoner Diagnostics now offers the Waggoner CCVT on Windows® and iOS in addition to its line of print color vision books such as the Color Vision Testing Made Easy and Waggoner PIP24. For more information regarding the line of Waggoner Diagnostics products, please visit www.WaggonerDiagnostics.com. You can also download your free 30-day trial of the Waggoner CCVT for your Windows computer from the site.

We welcome communication from journalists, editorial contributors, and academic institutions that are interested in trying the Waggoner CCVT. 

About Waggoner Diagnostics:

Headquartered in Rogers, AR, Waggoner Diagnostics develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative ophthalmic medical devices. Waggoner Diagnostics’ suite of color vision tests is the only cross-platform suite of color vision products available on the market today. We are able to satisfy anyone interested in performing color vision tests, both screening and diagnostic, by providing traditional booklets (PIP), computerized color vision tests (App), and Internet-based testing (Web). There is a product that aligns with each potential customer’s needs perfectly by providing high-quality medical devices at an affordable price. Waggoner Diagnostics also owns and operates www.ColorVisionTesting.com, a site for information regarding color vision, www.TestingColorVision.com, a site that allows people to test their color vision online.